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ANGRUP is a leading technology company established in Ankara Gazi University technopark in 2011. ANGRUP develops simulation systems for military, public and private sectors both at home and abroad. ANGRUP continues its activities in Ankara Gazi University Technopark and production facility in Tuzla, Istanbul. ANGRUP has been working with many customers in Turkey and abroad with the simulation systems it develops and continues its works with high technology research and development projects.

Main areas of ANGRUP

  1. Training and Simulation Technologies,
    1. Car Driver Training Simulators
    2. Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Simulators
    3. Bus Driver Training Simulators
    4. Ambulance Simulation Systems
    5. Fire Fighting Simulation Systems
    6. Maintenance / Repair Simulators
    7. Virtual Reality Solutions
    8. Simulation Hardware and Software Solutions
  2. 3d Modeling and Design,
  3. R & D Projects