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1st Gen. XV-CH03 Driver Training Simulators


1st Gen. XV-CH03 Intermediate Level Driver Training Simulator

The products developed under the steering intermediate level training simulators, has three visual display 135 degree field of view. Hardware consists of the actual vehicle. In different subjects and have their purpose simulation skills. Solutions are focused on tools used in the simulation project.

Vehicle simulator is used within the intermediate-level traffic education. It consists of a real car parts. Simulator visual systems and is supported by simulation software. Simulation software offers basic training as well as different driving experience. Preparation before driving, urban, extra-urban roads, winding roads, curved roads, icy roads, all kinds of natural phenomena (rain, snow, fog) is simulated on the software.


  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Volkswagen Golf MK5 Car Cocpit
  • Adjustable Driver Seat
  • VW Brand Real Car Steering Wheel with force feedback
  • VW Brand Steering Column
  • Seat belt (lockable and adjustable)
  • Display Panel (all the indicators and lights are working in line with the software)
  • Ignition Switch (VW brands featured starter key slot and 3 key stage)
  • Brake pedal
  • Throttle pedal
  • Clutch pedal with gearbox control unit
  • Horn sytem
  • Handbrake
  • Electronic Brake System
  • Electronic Clutch System (*for manual transmission)
  • VW Signal arm
  • VW light control switch
  • VW Viper arm ( 1 automatic / 3 stage )
  • Manual transmission / Automatic transmission
  • Full Cocpit ( VW MK5 )
  • Instructor Station
  • 135° FoV : 43x43x43'' 1920x1080p LED 
  • ANGRUP Driving Simulation Software
XV-CH03 1st gen

XV-CH03 1st Gen

XV-CH03 1st Gen.

  • 43''x43''x43'' 1920x1080p LED 
  • Simulator Computer
  • 5+1 Sound System
  • Car Brand : Volkswagen
  • Weight : 550kg
  • Power : 1,5kw
  • Electric : AC220V