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MRAP Training Simulator



It is a training simulator that can be supported by tactical scenarios and designed to serve the military field. Armored Vehicle Simulator is developed with the aim of providing support to driver trainings of vehicle drivers. In the system, the vehicle driver, the gun operator and the command and control personnel who manage the task can train in the same scenario through different simulators.

Driver Training Simulator

  • 3DOF / 6DOF motion platform
  • Driving equipment
  • Actual vehicle equipment
  • Vehicle cabin

Hardware Features
  • LED Visual system
  • Fiberglass full cabin
  • Moving platform
  • Real hardware
  • The instructor console
  • Video monitoring systems

Managing Scenarios and Generation Tool

  • Simultaneous simulation training
  • Real estate / urban visual database
  • Meteorological Conditions
  • Equipment use training
  • Advance Trainings
  • Emergency Trainings