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Number Racer

Numbers is an intelligence game with hundreds of episodes featuring eye-catching graphics and animations. The goal of the vote is to find the digit as fast as possible at the bottom. With Numbers, you will have a lot of surprises waiting for you as you complete the chapters and you will have hours of fun and time. With Google Play Game Services support, you can see your order among the players all over the world!

- Eye-catching 3D graphics
- Smooth and realistic control
- 100 episodes
- 25 different animations
- Turkish language support

- Enter the lowest digit on the screen as the numbers scroll from top to bottom.
- To use the time bomb, click the hourglass in the bottom left panel.

- The faster you press the keys, the more points and you will earn money.

You can contribute to the development of Numbers with your votes and comments on Google Play. Thank you...