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Visual Database


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3D Modelling

All essential street level models such as roads, bridges, tunnels, traffic signals, streetlights, curbs, sidewalks etc. modelled to a simple level of detail. All buildings and major structures will be represented in basic form without too much detail but will still be recognizable and representative of their real world counterparts. This is the lowest cost option for buildings with the emphasis on having a more functional set of graphics.

Content visualized in 3d (Visual Database) is transferred to the simulation environment and integration is ensured in all the ways (vehicle , pedestrian etc. ), emergency situations, signaling and traffic markers, and the model is used in the simulation environment.

We provide examples for you to observe the model quality through the images of the samples we have performed with you in the document. The related models have been developed for Sultan Qaboos Street / Oman Muscat and are manufactured to be the same as the realities.

Actual road and city models also allow real elevation data to be transferred to the simulation environment. This allows simulating roads, pits and other changes on the road and providing real driving experience through moving platform systems. In this context, the elevation of the modeled location and the changes on the road are simulated separately.

“Real visuals on Google Maps”

"The visualization of the same region modeled in 3d and loaded into the simulation environment”