XBUS Pro Bus Driver Training Simulator

This solution is proposed through the X-BUS PRO simulator. This driving simulator System for the bus is a lifelike driving training tool that offers immersive visual graphics, genuine truck components, an integrated training curriculum, and a motion platform offering an immersive experience. It’s an engaging and convincing training tool designed to develop safe, efficient driving practices, and lower fuel and maintenance costs. ANGRUP’s training simulation flexible system can be installed at the client’s facility, or in mobile trailers, able to be moved to remote training sites and customer locations.

The X-BUS bus driver training system has a fully modeled cab with authentic controls (either generic or customized to precisely match the vehicle in your fleet). The multi-screen high-definition display system provides a geometrically correct 135º field-of-view. Real physical mirrors give operators authentic practice with one of the most challenging aspects of piloting a large vehicle. The X-BUS offers many of the same advantages and capabilities on a more economical platform.

Either can be customized to match your fleet and train the operators of almost any transit vehicle. Every simulator comes with pre-programmed lessons that emphasize correct mirror usage, proper handling of temporary visual obstructions, managing pivot points, and other critical training objectives. ANGRUP’s programmable simulation software supports a completely customizable mix of traffic densities and behaviors, weather conditions, and more, all of which can be adjusted by the instructor in real-time.