Bus Driver Training Simulators

Keeping transit training on the right track in providing fully immersive simulators that help train professionals to get their passengers safely to their destinations. ANGRUP offers training simulators for bus operator applications. The ANGRUP Driving Training Simulation System for commercial bus driving is the most advanced training solution for students or experienced corporate drivers. The ANGRUP offers a full line of technologically advanced professional driving training simulators, including its next generation Bus Driving Simulator for bus fleets and training schools.

Reduce Accidents by %60 while Improving Driver Safety and Efficiency

We know that there are many different needs, even within the same company, that is why we have developed a highly configurable simulator with different models that adapt to a different settings, adjusting to the needs of each client. This simulator offers three different types of versions.

Virtual training tools

Fewer accidents, lower fuel consumption, more profitable work cycles, recruitment, creation and retention of talented drivers through specific training programs are just some of the examples in which we can help you through our virtual training.

Different levels os simulator immersion

The XBUS simulator offers different levels of immersion, depending on the user’s needs and space, through three cabins. From our low-immersion Silver, Gold and Platinum cabin, the latter being one with the highest immersion in a semi-closed-cabin.

Instructor Station, MAE and X-Training Manager

XBUS can operate autonomously, but it can also be integrated with the INSTRUCTOR STATION( IOS ), the students and exercises management platform (MAE) and with the exercises generator (X-Training Manager), which will allow you to create training plans quickly and at a low cost.

Vehicle dynamics

Our XBUS simulator has realistic vehicle dynamics system that allows different reactions to be obtained depending on the activated systems (ABS, ESP, ASR), the road conditions (wind, wet, ice) and the number of passengers at the time of driving (braking, cornering).

Passengers boarding and un-boarding system

XBUS has a passenger generation system for boarding and un-boarding, both with and without reduced mobility (including a ramp system). They will raise hands to request the boarding and they will give the acoustic signal to request the un-boarding.