Car Driver Training Simulators

The ANGRUP offers a broad range of technically advanced vehicle simulators for public and private driving schools, corporate employee training courses, law enforcement community service programs, and other traffic safety initiatives. Simulation Training Systems for Car Driving includes all necessary elements to learn how to drive, from the beginning (initial driving training) to the end (advanced driving training).

A large range of educational modules has been developed with professionals to meet the expectation of instructors and learners. From private to international interest, ANGRUP professional car driving simulators are the best solution for performance and satisfaction.

Virtual training tools

Fewer accidents, lower fuel consumption, more profitable work cycles, recruitment, creation and retention of talented drivers through specific training programs are just some of the examples in which we can help you through our virtual training.

Modular and compact hardware design 

Thanks to this efficient modular and compact architecture with which the simulator has been developed, it is easy to install and uninstall. In addition, thanks to its easy handling, it can be easily transported and positioned in a room or room.

Instructor Station, MAE and X-Training Manager

Our simulation systems can operate autonomously, but it can also be integrated with the INSTRUCTOR STATION, the students and exercises management platform (MAE) and with the exercises generator (Training Manager), which will allow you to create training plans quickly and at a low cost.

Realistic environment

Angrup simulators has controls of a real vehicle that provide the product with an immersion level capable of a unique learning experience for the user.

Movement platform 2DOF / 3DOF / 6DOF

To achieve a complete feeling of immersion, SIMESCAR implements a 2 or 3 degrees of freedom platform that simulates the movements that occur during the user´s driving.