Police Driving Simulator

EDS-CH03 POLICE (Decision-Making Driver Training)

EDS-CH03  is our police vehicle simulation solution with specific functionalities for its use by the different Police Corps of the world.

EDS-CH03 has been designed to achieve a level of immersion that allows the learning and practice of specific maneuvers of Police vehicles in realistic situations. The simulation experience faithfully replicates police vehicle driving in simulated settings inspired by urban and interurban environments. The EDS-CH03  software allows you to select vehicles from all categories (sedan, pick up, A, C and G cars) and different power ranges, being able to configure the gearbox type for each one (automatic or manual).

ANGRUP is dedicated to providing the highest fidelity police patrol simulator on the market. Our core focus is simulation technology that provides your officers with a life-like virtual training environment. Understanding your training objectives and budget, ANGRUP works with you to develop your optimum training solution.

ANGRUP’s pedigree in professional driver training simulation is unparalleled. ANGRUP maintains a comprehensive in-house team to support the Public Safety market. We focus on a Customer-for-Life philosophy to understand, develop, deliver, and support your specific training program.

Understanding your training objectives and budget, ANGRUP works with you to develop your optimal training solution. ANGRUP supports a comprehensive in-house team, including software developers, engineers, digital graphic artists, technical staff and professional program managers. We focus on a customer-for-life philosophy to understand, develop, deliver and maintain your specific training solution. The result is a police patrol simulator that provides training that can translate into real-world experience.


Virtual training tools

Fewer accidents, lower fuel consumption, more profitable work cycles, recruitment, creation and retention of talented drivers through specific training programs are just some of the examples in which we can help you through our virtual training.

Modular and compact hardware design 

Thanks to this efficient modular and compact architecture with which the simulator has been developed, it is easy to install and uninstall. In addition, thanks to its easy handling, it can be easily transported and positioned in a room or room.

Instructor Station, MAE and X-Training Manager

Our simulation systems can operate autonomously, but it can also be integrated with the INSTRUCTOR STATION, the students and exercises management platform (MAE) and with the exercises generator (Training Manager), which will allow you to create training plans quickly and at a low cost.

Realistic environment

Angrup simulators has controls of a real vehicle that provide the product with an immersion level capable of a unique learning experience for the user.

Movement platform 2DOF / 3DOF / 6DOF

To achieve a complete feeling of immersion, SIMESCAR implements a 2 or 3 degrees of freedom platform that simulates the movements that occur during the user´s driving

Driver Cab Features

  • Training curriculum package
  • Multi-skill scenario library
  • Single or multi-student role-play
  • Comprehensive Train-the-Trainer syllabus
  • Generic or custom vehicle hardware
  • Reconfigurable instrumentation graphics
  • High fidelity interactive environmental cues
  • 3 DOF motion cues
  • Current fleet-vehicle handling models
  • Fixed facility or mobile compatible