You can train driver candidates in different meteorological conditions and conditions with Angrup driving simulation software. The simulation software includes many training scenarios, theoretical test systems, interactive training systems, psychotechnical tests, and training videos. You can report and follow training with the system, which can be easily used thanks to its user-friendly interfaces.

Reports of session carried out

Inclusion in risky situations

Different weather situations

Automatic detection of infraction

New IOS menu designed for easy use and touch screen support. The Instructor can select functionalities over IOS menu and start to education.

The instructor can select the below functionalities for al education scenarios
Education Duration (5 Minute to 50 Minute)
The instructor can select education scenario duration over IOS menu. The education automatically sets the chosen duration and count down. The simulation scenario automatically closes when time off.
Traffic Conditions
The instructor can select traffic density over simulation time. ANGRUP simulation software can generate very crowded traffic simulation on runtime. ANGRUP can simulate different traffic vehicles on the simulator.

Traffic Vehicles
ANGRUP simulation system new feature is 3 Level LOD (Level of Details) modeled 3d traffic vehicles. The simulation software supports cars, trucks, vans, police cars, police vans, ambulances, firefighters, big trucks, waste trucks, buses, helicopters, metro, etc.

Special Vehicles