Special Purpose Training Simulators

As a pioneer in the simulation industry, ANGRUP offers a wide range of first-class simulators for both military and civilian applications. We design and produce special design simulation systems for your needs. A large range of educational modules has been developed with professionals to meet the expectation of instructors and learners From private to international interest, ANGRUP's professional simulators are the best solution for performance and satisfaction.

Virtual training tools

Fewer accidents, lower fuel consumption, more profitable work cycles, recruitment, creation and retention of talented drivers through specific training programs are just some of the examples in which we can help you through our virtual training.

Different levels of immersion at the simulator

The simulator offers different levels of immersion depending on the needs and space of the user through three cabins. From our low-immersion Silver cabin, to our Gold and Platinum cabins, the latter being the one with the highest immersion in a semi-closed cabin.

Instructor Station, MAE and X-Training Manager

TH Series can operate autonomously, but it can also be integrated with the INSTRUCTOR STATION (IOS) , the students and exercises management platform (MAE) and with the exercises generator (X-Training Manager), which will allow you to create training plans quickly and at a low cost.

Vehicles dynamics

 Our simulators has a realistic vehicle dynamics system that allows different reactions to be obtained depending on the activated systems (ABS, ESP, ASR), the road conditions (wind, wet, ice), the layout, the weight and load.

Different types of cargo and settings

There are different types of scenarios (highway, mountain pass, city) and vehicles with different types of cargo (liquid, rigid, alive), which allow generating different types of simulations and maneuvers.

Modular for different markets

The cabin adapts depending on the market, American or European, being able to change the type of transmission and instrument panel necessary, while having vehicle models of both types in the application.