Who we are

ANGRUP is a leading and fast-growing innovative simulation systems provider globally. We offer high-quality unique and customized solutions that answer our customers needs in US, Europe, South Asia and Middle East.

ANGRUP has the ability to produce simulators that are closest to reality and fit for purpose with its command of physical and mathematical modeling, software development, automation & control, electro-mechanical and electronics systems, virtual reality, gaming, immersive technologies, and systems integration discipline.

ANGRUP continues its activities in R&D and production centers in Turkey. ANGRUP Engineering & Production Management System is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001.

More than 10 years of developing training simulators.

Our mission is to preserve lives and reduce accidents, raise awareness of the risk of malpractice at the wheel (consumption of alcohol or narcotic substances at the wheel, driving tired, driving looking at the mobile phone…), and maximize the performance of our customers through our simulators that allow them to minimize workplace accidents and maximize their benefits, by being able to select and train the most productive operators thanks to training plans on efficient driving (less fuel consumption), by minimizing equipment maintenance, by avoiding bad practices and minimizing the number of work cycles by training operators in our simulation environments.

At ANGRUP we follow a business and product design strategy where we try to minimize customer investment, both in purchasing the equipment and maintaining it. Thanks to its modularity, our customers can have several simulators in a single cabin (combining modules) and through the robustness of the equipment that is designed using components widely used in the industry, which stand out for their reliability and their limited cost. ANGRUP has also developed a range of products that cover the different needs a customer may encounter, ranging from solutions that can be transported in a suitcase and installed on a table, to simulators that occupy a room, where immersion and the simulation begin to be confused with reality.

At ANGRUP we not only develop simulators. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have developed what we call a product ecosystem, which are parts of systems with which the simulator is integrated to give the customer a complete service. In this way we have MAE ( Management And Analysis System ), which is our platform for managing students, sessions, and courses, with X-TRAINING MANAGER, our tool for creating custom exercises, with X-TRAINING SUITE, our platform for after-sales service and with the POSITION OF INSTRUCTOR for the management and itineration with the practice that the student is doing in SIMULATION POSITION in real-time.