The INSTRUCTOR STATION (IOS) is a system developed for the remote management of the driver training simulator, which communicates with the simulator over the network. The software of the instructor runs over the network and the whole system is managed via the remote-control station.

ANGRUP develop an instructor operating station for monitoring and controlling the simulation. It is a valuable complement to the driver trainer and an indispensable assistant for the instructor. As the software interface is so easy to use, the instructor doesn’t need computer skills to provide excellent training.

The remote console station is controlled by the instructor and the following competencies are provided by the instructor.

Start a scenario
Selection of weather conditions (Rain, Snow, Fog, Sun)
Traffic condition selection (No Traffic, Low Traffic, Normal Traffic, High Traffic)
Education Language Selection (Turkish, English, Arabic, German, Urdu ...)
Simulation clock settings
Selection of training duration
Vehicle Selection
Task Selection
Malfunctions (Flat Tire, Close Lights, Collision Avoidance, Throw Object, etc…)
Theoretical Test System
 Quick Reporting
➤ EDF Graph Support*

After the training starts, all the technical data coming from the simulator can be traced through the remote-control station during the training and the simulation training can be interfered with. This trainer simulator may intervene in the following contexts.

Create an instant report
Change the simulation time (night, day, etc.)
Changing the position of the vehicle in the simulation environment
Vehicle fault system (wheels burst, brake failure, etc.)
Automatic to manual shift
Changing the vehicle's power settings (diesel, gasoline vehicle, etc.)
Control of assistant systems (ABS, ASR, TCS, ESP)
Recording of training (* .mp4 format) **

The remote management system can manage more than one simulation system at a time. Basically, a single-monitor control station is required for 1 simulation system. Upon request, a camera recording system can be added to the control station and the training can be recorded via the camera.

➤ Computer with four screens and printer
➤ Real-time telemetry
➤ Modification of weather and time of the day
➤ Inclusion of breakdown. Events in real-time
➤ Constant communication with the student
➤ Cooperative driving



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